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#116: The Power of 10 Percent

How would your life change if your relationships were just 10% better?

Chances are you haven’t thought of an answer. Because most of the time, we think of our relationships like this:

“Whelp, they don’t suck right now! Time to focus on something else.”

Here’s the problem. When we do that we’re living at a fraction of our potential. And we sacrifice our happiness, fulfillment, health, and even our goals and dreams along the way.

So, what WOULD your life look like if your relationships were 10% better? Let’s find out.

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"Absolutely Relationship Saving"
Excellent program. Absolutely relationship saving - David
"We Are Super Happy!"
Things are going exceptionally well for us. We are back on board with our future plans for a family. I was SO worried that we would never work it out... but I can't explain to you how much your communication techniques saved our relationship. You are amazing and will no doubt be getting many more recommendations from me! - Kristina
"Forever Thankful"
From start and all the way through, Josh has worked hard with both of us to get us through what seemed the end of our marriage. As they promise, as long as you do the work and stay coachable, they will give you the tools to navigate anything!! - Paul
"I Was So Skeptical"
I was so skeptical at first, but I was desperate! I am so thankful for their patience and help to save my relationship! Much love! - Elizabeth
"If They Can Help Me, They Can Help Anyone"
- Craig