#114: The Power of Now

Does it feel like you’ve been stuck in the same cycles and arguments in your relationship for years? 

Do you look at your friends who have loving relationships and wonder, “why can’t we have that?” 

Does it seem like you’re just existing together with your partner? You’re still sharing a house, but you’ve lost the passion and connection and love that made it special? 

If any of those sounds like you, I have news for you. The reason you’re stuck is simple: You haven’t learned to harness a vital principle. This principle is the Power of Now.

And until you learn this principle, it doesn’t matter how many books you read, conversations you have, or dates you go on. Nothing big will change. And even the small improvements will be one step forward and two steps back. 

But the people who get this down? They’re the ones who you hear stories about. The ones who completely transform their relationships in a matter of months. Who get back that love and passion they had when they first got together. Who have the security of knowing that whatever’s going on in the world, they are tackling it together. 

In this episode, we teach you how to harness the Power of Now in your relationships.

Resources mentioned

Time Vectors by Vecteezy

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