#101: A 70-Year Promise

Before Matt and Elizabeth got married, she had him promise that they’d be married for 70 years. Just like her great-grandparents.

But years later, they were in a desperate spot.

They were arguing. A LOT.

There was broken trust.

They had put their relationship on the back burner, and the connection was suffering.

Then they opened their relationship up.

Matt and Elisabeth knew that when they were good, they were really fucking good. But they needed help to find that again.

So they tried everything:

  • Working through the problems themselves.
  • Talking to friends.
  • Reading books.
  • Going to individual therapists.
  • Seeing two different couple’s counselors.
  • Posting in a poly Facebook group (and getting eaten alive)

Elizabeth wasn’t sure what else they could do. It felt like the end.

Then Matt and Elizabeth found us. They were more than a little skeptical because nothing else had worked. But they decided their relationship was worth the try.

Now they’ve done a complete 180. 

The arguments have stopped. The trust is back. They’re making time for sexy picnics with their partner. They fulfilled one of Elizabeth’s nine-year dreams by buying animals together. And most importantly, they’re on track to keep that 70-year promise.


Watch our interview with Matt and Elizabeth to hear the whole incredible story:

Resources mentioned

Grandfather Vectors by Vecteezy

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