#085: What’s Worse In a relationship? Screaming? Or Silence?

We all know what a classically bad relationship looks like. Screaming. Crying. Emotional breakdowns. Doors being slammed. Dozens of angry text messages.

When you see those patterns in a relationship, you recognize them as a warning sign. A signal that something needs to be fixed, and fast.

But here’s a question: Did you know that silence can be just as dangerous? That a relationship that seems to have zero conflict can be on the verge of ending tomorrow?

It’s true.

Many relationships don’t end with an explosion. There’s just a slow, quiet buildup of unmet needs and unspoken conversations until someone walks out the door.

And the worst part? In a loud, messy relationship everyone knows there are challenges to address. But when the problems are quiet, most folks don’t realize how serious the situation is until the breakup has already happened. 

When is the calm in your relationship actually a warning sign? How do you resolve the conversations you’ve been avoiding and heal your relationship?

To find out, listen to this episode.

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